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When you travel to a dream destination, you have a choice. A very important choice. You chose to go it alone, or you can chose to go with Monograms, which means you will never be alone. Because with Monograms, you will be given something that is truly invaluable. An expert Local Host at your destination... and this changes everything.

In a place where everything is foreign, you'll be feeling like a local. And while everyone else is getting frustrated, you'll be getting the VIP treatment. Trading waiting for revelling. And trading wondering for wonderment. In places where you don't even begin to know your way. With us, you will never feel lost.

It's no wonder those who travel with Monograms, never travel any other way again.

    • All independent itineraries include the optional services of a Monograms Local Host – an onsite expert who can answer questions and point you point you to where you want to be
    • We leverage the buying power of our other brands Cosmos, Globus and Avalon Waterways to ensure you get the best rates to the best attractions
    • Monograms allows you to choose between a variety of hotels to suit your personalised standards and budgets
    • Monograms helps to efficiently organise your transport from one destination to the next. 

    With Monograms, you can count on both exceptional coordination and the thrill of discovering the world’s special places on your own. Its travel for real travellers who don’t want another minute to pass them by.